Get CTSM for running (no source changes)

If you are a novice, that’s where you should start. You get the source code and run it as is.

NordicESMhub maintains a CTSM repository with all the configuration files for running on machines in the Nordics. For now we support:

  • abel (UiO, Norway)

If you machine is not in the list and would like we support it, please contact us.

How to get CTSM

CLONE from GitHub (run only first time, or to update clm/ctsm version), in home folder

git clone -b release-clm5.0

LOAD necessary modules in .bashrc (only first time)

emacs .bashrc &

On abel, add these three modules

module load python2/2.7.10
module load cesm
module load git

save and close

CHECK loaded modules

module list

How to get a specific branch

Which branch do I run?

Get CTSM for modifying the source code

Create your own branches before continuing, in ~/ctsm AND in ~ctsm/cime. Do this for FATES or any other modules in addition.

git branch <username_clm5.0.12>   # useful for remembering version, name according to function e.g. username_cime_clm5.0.12 and username_fates_clm5.0.12
git checkout  <username_clm5.0.12>
git branch # to verify that you are on the branch you just created

When you need to do your own development.